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The Art & Science of Lighting Sunday Only

  • August 13, 2017
  • 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • Heritage Building at Burns Park, Little Rock, Arkansas


  • Spend a day with APPA and Cris Duncan learning to perfect your portrait lighting.
    Bring your camera!!
    We will be at Burns Park, Little Rock, Arkansas

Registration is closed

The Art & Science of Lighting

Cris Duncan

Lighting is by far the most important ingredient in creating an image, it is the key to photography. Light defines the subject. Light will show or remove texture. It has the power to direct a viewer, evoke an emotion and tell a story. Light is the basis for life and the heart of a photograph.

Knowing how to and use light to set the tone for your image is an art, an art that takes years to master and only moments to appreciate. The best part of photography, at least in my opinion, is being able to manipulate reality while still keeping it real.

An artist can create any fantasy he or she desires with the brush, but photographers must do that with light and shadow alone.

On the other hand, light is also a science. We are ruled by physics. The two must be used together. Photography is about the “Art and Science of Lighting”. In this program, both the basic laws of light, along with creative use of light, will be applied in studio and location settings. We will utilize daylight, flash, strobe and ambient conditions working with no more than two light sources.

You will learn valuable techniques to make your images different than your competitors.

Gain the knowledge and understanding of what light, any light, will do in a given situation, and then have the skills to manipulate it to your style, LIVE. Light quantity, light quality and light direction all play critical roles in your image making and in this full day class you are guaranteed to leave with the knowledge to make you a better, more efficient photographer.

This is a hands on experience where students are encouraged to bring their camera and shoot along-side each other and Cris as we discuss several lighting tools and the four major lighting applications. Cris will lead on you an adventure as we have live sessions and learn invaluable tools for lighting, posing, composition, lens selection and more as we shoot on-location, the studio and in-between.

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