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Work Flow and Speed Lights

APPA Spring Seminar,  May 8  9 am

Two of our most talented members - Chris Thomas and Jason Lloyd will be teaching this seminar in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

Use Your Equipment!

The first half of the day Chris Thomas from Thomas Design and Photography will teach us how to use a piece of equipment that almost all photographers have, but few are masters of - the Speed light or flash.


Time is money. A bogged down workflow can kill your business, and your motivation. 

Jason Lloyd, CPP  from Soul Reflections Photography dives into the post-production workflow for the average portrait client. Using images captured from the morning’s hands-on session, he will guide you through his step-by-step methods and techniques he’s learned from various leaders in the industry to keep his workflow efficient and streamline. From file backup and archiving to the production of the final product, he will walk through every part, and share the tools he uses to ensure the fastest and most efficient workflow turnaround.

Members get a very special price of just $49.  Non members are very welcome also for a price of just $89. 

You may register online at 


APPA is so proud to be a part of the Southwest Professional Photographers Association. Our Regional Convention is packed full of awesome speakers that are sure to inspire and educate. Are you ready to up your photography?  Let us know if you are going and let's meet up! Find out more and  Register HERE 

Photographer of the Year With  Scores of 493 

High School Senior Photographer of the Year 2016:

Amy R Jones

Portrait General Division

First Place:...
Amy R Jones…Think Outside the Box 

Fuji Masterpiece Award:

Amy R Jones..Think Outside the Box

Pete Major Award (best print of show selected by judges):

Amy R Jones...Think Outside the Box

Distinguished Prints:
Abby Malone…Grumpy Cat
Amy R Jones…Table Dance
Jason Lloyd…Gamer
Jason Lloyd…Wrangler
Tamara Smith…Dancing with the Stars

Portrait Salon Division

First Place:
Kathy Meek…The Woodcrafter 

Distinguished Prints
Kim Murphy…A Pup and his Pals
Kim Murphy Photography…Crazy Curly Bedhead

Illustrative General Division

First Place:
Jason Lloyd…Gulf Pier

Distinguished Prints
Ed Cooley…Solitude
Ed Cooley Fine Art Photography...Dreams of Denali

Illustrative Salon Division
First Place:

Kathy Meek…City on the Sea

Distinguished Prints
Ron Jackson…The Schoolmaster

Electronic Imaging General Division

First Place:
Chris Thomas…Eye of the Tiger

Wedding General Division

First Place:
Tamara Smith Photography…Dreaming of my Big Day

Distinguished Print:
Tamara Smith Photography…Vintage Style Bride

Commerical Salon Division

First Place Commercial:
Ron Jackson…Night Time

Distinguished Prints:
Ron Jackson…Alexan
Ron Jackson…Twickenham

Best Photograph of a Man:

Kathy Meek...The Woodcrafter

Certified Professional Photographer Award:

Kathy Meek…The Woodcrafter
ASP State Elite Award:

Kathy Meek…The Woodcrafter (90)

Sunset Award by LexJet:

Kathy Meek...The Woodcrafter

William Hughes Award (best print selected by membership):

Kathy Meek...The Woodcrafter

Best Photograph of a Woman:

Amy R Jones...Opal­essence

Best Photograph of a Child:

Kim Murphy Photography...Crazy Curly Bedhead

Best Photograph of an Animal:

Abby Malone...Grumpy Cat

Delores Shrader Award(Best Black & White):

Abby Malone...Grumpy Cat

Best Photograph of a Group:

Kim Murphy Photography...A Pup and his Pals

The Past President's Award (selected by past president's):

Kim Murphy Photography…A Pup and his Pals

Best Photograph of a High School Senior:

Amy R Jones...Sophia Lane

Best Photograph of a Bride:

Tamara Smith Photography...Dreaming of my Big Day

Best Wedding Candid:

Greg Owens...Happily Ever After

Best Photograph by a First Time Entrant:

Ron Jackson…Night Time

Kodak Gallery Award:

Ed Cooley Fine Art Photography...Dreams of Denali

Judge's Ribbons

Margaret Bryant : Abby Malone...Grumpy Cat
Dennis Craft: Kim Murphy Photography...A Pup and His Pals
Melanie Anderson: Amy R Jones...Think Outside the Box
Randy Taylor: Ed Cooley Fine Art Photography...Dreams of Denali

Mark McCall: Bruce Allen...Home Sweet Home

The Arkansas Professional Photographers' Association is a group of photographers from Arkansas and neighboring states who meet several times a year for educational programs and social gatherings. Regardless of your level of involvement in professional photography, we have a place for you. Many members are full-time professional photographers with retail studios while others may be part-time and operate from their homes. Some members are just starting out in professional photography, while others have decades in the business. Regardless of a member's years of experience or newness to the field, there is a place for everyone to learn, and contribute to the learning experience of others.


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