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The Art & Science of Lighting  

Cris Duncan

Lighting is by far the most important ingredient in creating an image, it is the key to

photography. Light defines the subject. Light will show or remove texture. It has the

power to direct a viewer, evoke an emotion and tell a story. Light is the basis for life and

the heart of a photograph.

Knowing how to and use light to set the tone for your image is an art, an art that takes

years to master and only moments to appreciate. The best part of photography, at least

in my opinion, is being able to manipulate reality while still keeping it real.

An artist can create any fantasy he or she desires with the brush, but photographers

must do that with light and shadow alone.

On the other hand, light is also a science. We are ruled by physics. The two must be used

together. Photography is about the “Art and Science of Lighting”. In this program, both

the basic laws of light, along with creative use of light, will be applied in studio and

location settings. We will utilize daylight, flash, strobe and ambient conditions working

with no more than two light sources.

You will learn valuable techniques to make your images different than your competitors.

Gain the knowledge and understanding of what light, any light, will do in a given

situation, and then have the skills to manipulate it to your style, LIVE. Light quantity,

light quality and light direction all play critical roles in your image making and in this

full day class you are guaranteed to leave with the knowledge to make you a better, more

efficient photographer.

This is a hands on experience where students are encouraged to bring their camera and

shoot along-side each other and Cris as we discuss several lighting tools and the four

major lighting applications. Cris will lead on you an adventure as we have live sessions

and learn invaluable tools for lighting, posing, composition, lens selection and more as

we shoot on-location, the studio and in-between.

BW Children's Character Portraits

Pete Rezac


Painting with Light

Jim Byron

Color Harmony in Portraiture

Inna Sumra, M. Photog, Associate Royal Photographic Society of UK

Photographer of the Year 2015 (Platinum Award) and 2016 (Platinum Award)

Third in the Grand Imaging Award 2016

Born in Russia, Inna moved to USA 16 years ago. Aeronautical engineer by

training she started photography business in a small town in North Dakota,

because there was no job for Inna . The studio was located in spare room of

her house. She learned photography by taking courses like Texas School of

Photography and other seminars. After working out of the house for about 5

years Inna and her husband built a studio in town. Starting out with a Kodak

DCS 760, she moved to Nikon, then Hasselblad and Sinar P3.

She Inna works in Cavalier North Dakota, where she runs a photographic and

painting studio. She photographs single subjects or small family groups,

indoor and outdoor. The studio work is done on a Sinar P3 View Camera with

Phase One IQ100 back with Rodenstock or Schneider lenses. This results in

creamy smooth skin tones, high resolution images with beautiful bokeh. Her

work was showcased on many billboards in the area.

These days Inna Sumra devotes more time to painting. She paints

commissioned portraits based on the photographs she take for her clients.

Inna's painted portraits are mixed media creations that combine the best of

today's cutting edge art creation tools. Then using the photograph for a

reference, Inna hand paints the painting in Corel Painter, brush stroke by

brush stroke, using Wacom stylus and tablet. There are no buttons, actions or

filters that are applied to get the look of Inna's paintings. They are all painted

by hand with the same skill and talent that goes into the traditional painting.

Guerilla Marketing for the Professional Photographer

Dwayne Lee, M.Photog.,Cr.-API

Marketing is a subject many of us struggle with. We don’t do it well, don’t do it at

all, or don’t like doing it. After all, we’re “artists”.

But, after all, we must do some form of marketing, otherwise, we won’t be in

business very long. However, many forms of marketing can be quite expensive and we

don’t have the money to do much of it.

So, in an effort to think outside the box, I have compiled several strategies and

ways you can market your business without breaking the bank. And several of these

ways are actually quite fun!

You will come away from this program energized and looking for ways you can

market your business in your community.


Dwayne Lee, M.Photog.,Cr.-API, owns Southern Flair Photography in Arlington, Texas. Having

photographed over 3,800 weddings in the past 41 years, Southern Flair also features portraits of

children, high school seniors, and families. Dwayne has presented numerous business and

photography programs at the local, state, and national levels. Currently President of the

Southwest Professional Photographers Association, he is also a Past President of the Texas PPA,

belongs to PPA, and is a member ICP, and is a member and Past President of the Ft. Worth

Professional Photographers Association.

His other affiliations include being Past President of the Association of Wedding Professionals

in Dallas and Past President of the Arlington Sunrise Rotary Club.

The Arkansas Professional Photographers' Association is a group of photographers from Arkansas and neighboring states who meet several times a year for educational programs and social gatherings. Regardless of your level of involvement in professional photography, we have a place for you. Many members are full-time professional photographers with retail studios while others may be part-time and operate from their homes. Some members are just starting out in professional photography, while others have decades in the business. Regardless of a member's years of experience or newness to the field, there is a place for everyone to learn, and contribute to the learning experience of others.


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